ESS 4.0

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ESS 4.0
ESS safety integrated solution
The optimal safety management solution for managing batteries safely.
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ESS 4.0 : ESS Energy Safety Management System

ESS 4.0 is an ESS safety integrated management system for safe management of ESS using converged hardware and software technologies.
It can be applied to renewable energy plants, electronic vehicle charging stations, microgrids, dispersed generation, etc.

ESS 4.0 Features



ESS 4.0 Specifications

Battery Room | PCS Room

Battery Room PCS ROOM
For outside use(mm)3000(W) x 4000(L) x 3100(H)3000(W) x 4000(L) x 3100(H)
CharacteristicAn optimal place to store batteriesAn optimal place to store PCS
  • The first-degree air conditioner
  • Automatic fire extinguisher/pressure outlet
  • Electric heater, electric lights
  • Canopy
  • Fire door / Thermal insulated door (optional)
  • Melt blown filter (optional)
  • Blind shutter / SUS screen
  • Fire door
  • Hydraulic ventilator
  • Electric heater, electric lights
Weight 3.5(t)4(t)
Available lengthUnlimited
*Delivery, establishment, equipment cost are not included
*VAT is not included
*Size and options can be personalized at your request.

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